Studies Show Men's Testosterone Levels Have Dropped Almost 50% in the Past 20 Years.

Learn How I Doubled My Testosterone With Just One Simple Lifestyle Fix. 

Your To-Do List...

To Get Insane Levels of Testosterone 

1.First, check your bedsheets & clothes to see if you have polyester material

2. Check out these studies if you aren't convinced

3. Then replace your polyester stuff either through us or other websites (we offer cotton stuff designed for gymbros)

3. Finally, enjoy having insane energy, motivation, and gym gains! 

Eliminating Polyester Transformed My Life & My Physique Drastically...


Image of Leighton Schur, High Testosterone Male

I created the polyester-detox so that men can become physical specimens, while conquering all aspects of their lives.

And that's exactly what has happened.

My customers decided that their mundane life was enough.

They were sick of not making progress in the gym, in business, in their careers, and with women.

They had low energy, felt like life was passing them by and that they could do nothing about it.

Believe me, it's a tough spot to be in, but it's not tough to get out of it when you understand the CORE problem of why they were feeling like this...

So what was their core problem?

What was holding them back? 

  • ​It WASN'T Their Height or Physical Features That Kept The Other Side Of Their Beds Cold & Lonely
  • ​​It WASN'T Their Workout Routine Causing a Lack of Muscle Gain & Fat Loss
  • It WASN'T a Lack of Motivation That Stopped Them Talking To The Hot Woman in The Street


Testosterone is a vital hormone that plays a key role in building muscle, boosting energy, and increasing libido.

When testosterone levels are low, it can lead to a number of negative effects on your body and mind.

With just one lifestyle switch, my customers DOUBLED their testosterone in less than a week.  
these men are now succeeding in all walks of life.

"I've got polyester out of my life a few weeks now, and the results are astonishing! I never thought I would have the confidence to negotiate a raise with my boss, but after getting all cotton clothes, I demanded a higher salary. Now I'm making as much as a university graduate!

-Caleb Hawthorne

"Thanks to the advice of Zach, I've experienced a remarkable increase in energy and drive. My sex drive is through the roof, and I'm constantly motivated to conquer new things. I used to struggle with fatigue for years, but now I feel like a whole new person, ready to take on the world!"

-Liam Abernathy

"I can't believe the positive effects of a polyester-detox!  After replacing polyester, I feel incredible with insane energy levels. I'm able to push myself at the gym, work on my projects with passion, and feel as good asf. This has truly transformed my life!"

-Ethan Anderson

This is for you if: 

  • ​You're wanting to build that Greek God physique
  • ​You're having a hard time making NOTICEABLE gains/fat loss in the gym
  • You're looking to level up not only your physique, but also your lifestyle

You now understand the importance of testosterone but you may be asking... 

"Why Do I have Low Testosterone?" 

Taking all the right supplements, eating right and getting good sleep will help your testosterone...


Because polyester turns your testosterone into estrogen (girl hormones).

Promise me you'll eliminate polyester from your life from either my polyester-detox offer or go on and get cotton stuff there. 

You can thank me later. 

Triple Your Testosterone With The Polyester Detox  :

Eliminate polyester/plastic from your life. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Go check your bedsheets, underwear and clothes rn...

There was a study done where Fourteen men wore a polyester ‘sling’ around their prized jewels (similar to men wearing polyester underwear) and after an average of 139 days, all 14 men had womanly levels of testosterone.

Money Back Guarantee for Polyester Detox

If you don't notice higher testosterone from replacing polyester...

WE WILL 100% Refund You
(NO Questions Asked)

How can we be crazy (confident) enough to offer you Clothes & Bedsheets with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

Because unlike many fake testosterone guru's, our claims are backed by PROOF.  Multiple studies have been done about how polyester increases estrogenic hormones and decreases testosterone. So unless you're an Alien for another planet, I can guarantee that removing polyester from your life will increase your testosterone.


The Polyester Detox is here to help you bring primal levels of testosterone into your body and if you wouldn't try to fight the Tren Twins to get our product back, you don't have to pay a penny. If you aren't happy, then we don't want your money.

man with high testosterone image

"Changed my life"  

I've always been the guy who doesn't drink because It "kills testosterone." I was confused though because even though I did all the right things, I still didn't get morning wood. The reason was I had an 80% polyester wardrobe. I'm glad I finally got to high testosterone. 

- Luca Bridges

strong gym goer image

"Transformed my testosterone" 

At first I thought that this was another one of those online spoofs of a guy trying to get me to buy random stuff. I read a couple of studies about the effects of polyester and was shocked to find out that it kills testosterone. Mad respect to Leighton and Endurant Athletics. 

- Carter Dempsy

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