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Everything you need for Primal Levels of Testosterone! 


What you're going to get...

1. The 3 Best Testosterone  Supplements Shipped to your house (65$ Value/Month) 

2. Monthly Diet Plan ($19 Value/Month)

3. Accountability Program ($45 Value/Month)

4. 3 Core Bonus's (120$/Month)

5. Every New Endurant T-Shirt Shipped to you ($55 Value/Month)

6.Private Discord ($20 Value/Month)

7. 12 Modules of Testosterone Course  ($120 Value)

8. Access to Leighton's Phone Number ($18 a Month)

Total Value: $462/Month

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HUGE 90% Discount!

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Replacing Polyester from your life is a good start...


Now you will almost instantly be in the top 20% of testosterone in men. This is definitely not for everyone. If you are satisfied with being in the top 20% you can leave and enjoy your new cotton clothes.

But for the guys that feel being in the top 20% isn't enough, this special offer is for you.

You will cannon ball into the top 1% of all men.

There is one difference between the top 1% man and the average man...

The top 1% man acts. The average man waits & carefully considers.

Right now, you know that testosterone is crucial and you know what to do.

Let me ask you a question...

What type of man are you?

Tripling the Price in:


What's Included

#1- Monthly Supplement Pack Shipped to You

We will ship the 3 best, natural testosterone boosters to your house EVERY SINGLE MONTH! No shopping effort from you, just take the supplements! These 3 supplements will serve as the building blocks for your body to produce testosterone. They are all very healthy and natural.

  • Butter Oil
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Vitamin D
  • ​Shipped to you every month

#2 -First Edition Endurant Drops

We are constantly coming up with new cool shirts and designs and members of the testosterone G's Club are the FIRST people we send them too.

  • Be the First People to Wear the New Drop
  • ​Tightly Fitting, Good Gym Shirts
  • ​100% Cotton
  • Sick Designs


#3 -Private Discord of G's

This community will keep you motivated to hit the gym & will teach you a bunch. Often we learn most from our piers so that is why I created this community. You can check in and ask any question, learn about gym facts, or just hang out in the private discord.

  • Newest Testosterone Improving Tricks
  • ​Safe Steroids to Use ;P
  • ​ Amazing Group of Gymbros

#5 - Steel Mind Accountability Program

Often times, it is our minds that hold us back most. That's why I created the Endurant Accountability Program! With our tribe of high testosterone G's, if you are ever being a bit*h, the rest of the boys will put you into place

  • Reminders to hit the gym 
  • ​Community of Alpha Males
  • ​Diet Reminders
  •  All forms of accountability

Bonus 1-Primal Testosterone Course

Years of research & trial and error bundled up to you. If you give this course your all, you will 100% go to the top 1% levels of testosterone!

  • Testosterone Explained
  • ​The Pillars of HIGH Testosterone
  • ​Supplement Superstack Explained
  • ​Supplement Superstack - 3x Your Testosterone
  • ​Testosterone levels & Blood Tests - Free & Total Testosterone

Bonus 2-Workout Program For Best Gains & Testosterone

So many people in the gym are doing sub-optimal exercises and losing all their gains. That is why I created the perfect workout plan for ya'll. If you follow this program and train hard, you will have a great physique in 6 months. Now I know it's hard to stay consistent but that's why we created the accountability program.

  • Unhatched Gorilla Egg - Zero to One - Build Consistency + Discipline
  • ​Baby Gorilla Program - Weightlifting 1 Year or less - 12 Week Program
  • ​​Intermediate / mid sized primate - Weightlifting 1-2 years - 12 Week Program
  • ​​Advanced - Alpha Male Physique - 2 Years + 12 Week Program
  • ​Aesthetic Abs Workout - DAILY

Bonus 3- The Perfect Diet Plan For Maximizing Testosterone & Gains

A great diet is arguably the most important thing to high testosterone, is crucial to gym gains and is proven to have significant affects on people's mood. Throughout months of working with clients, I perfected the best meal plans for gym bros. You will be able to effortlessly find perfect meals and know what to shop for.

  • How many calories should you eat?
  • ​​Optimising diet for Testosterone production
  • ​My Test Boosting Daily Meal Plan 🧬🥩🦍
  • ​​Eating Out Guide - Super meal Deal 💪🏼🦍

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If you aren't as happy in the Primal Gymbro Club as you were when you hit a pr on bench, then we don't want your money.

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