About Endurant Athletics...

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Endurant Athletics was founded by Zach Derhake and Leighton Schur. Both men had low testosterone and decided to embark on a journey to fix it. They spent years researched and optimizing their testosterone. Eventually, they crossed paths and connected over going through similar journey's. Everything was well until they realized that millions of other men suffered from low testosterone as well. That's when they decided to start Endurant Athletics.

Endurant Athletics helps men achieve primal levels of testosterone so that they get get their dream physique and lifestyle completely naturally.

The first step to improving your testosterone is replacing polyester from your life. You see, polyester (the material in all clothes & bedsheets) significantly lowers your testosterone! Polyester is the reason you have low testosterone. So if you want to have at least average testosterone with very little effort, start by replacing polyester from your life.